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worden die niet weggespoeld mogen worden door een sprookje

What if she had written him.


My only one,


From the first day that i laid eyes on you I have given you my hart.

I am the one who saved you from those fiercely waves and with passion songs sang.

You only recognise my voice, that is why I wright you my love.

I sold my voice and lost my right of speaking.    

I took distance from my family only to be with you.

You don’t know me, give me the chance to show myself, to kiss and marry you.

I have three days.

You are the only one who can save me and bring us a bright future.

I will do anything and make you feel like a king.


Lots of love,





This is an old well known story that shows us values. I researched the story of Ariel and afterwards I made it into a new story. A letter Ariel could have written to Eric. If she had explained here values the story would have ended differently. Fairy tails stay fairy tails but we mustn't forget to take an objective look. 

verpakking met de brief.
de brief als ze hem geschreven had
de kracht van verhalen.
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