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sweet solution nanouck van iersel

Result of the sweet solution.

The sweet solution. 


I build this facility  because in 2025 there will be 950.000 people in the Netherlands with diabetic type 2. This number is still growing because we became addicted to sugar. Which isn't odd because sugar is 8 times more addicting than cocaine. If we don’t eat the amount of sugar where our body is used to than we will have warthal syndromes for instance mood swings.


Diabetes type 2 isn't curable without expensive medicines and hospital visits for amputations. Until now, I made an application and a facility which lowers the cost and improves your life. The sweet solution is not only for people with diabetic type 2 so they can control their illness but also for people who want to prevent having diabetic.

The name "The sweet application" is based on  research, it is placed where the sugar will come first in your blood stream. This is the stomach. The sweet application is made to work as a filter which will be placed in the stomach. The filter will measure the amount of sugar in your blood. When this is to low it will let the sugar through so it can be absorbed by your body. If your blood suger is to high the sweet application starts working and will filter all the sugar out. This wil be drained into the reservoir. If the reservoir is full you can go to the glucose bank.

The glucose bank is the place where we give information about diabetic and where you can buy the sweet application, of course it will be placed correctly for you. You can place the reservoir everywhere on the body because the backside is sticky and easy to remove. If you go to the glucose bank with your reservoir full of blood sugar you will get a compensation for it. By doing this you can earn money with your blood sugar. The glucose bank will take your reservoir and make an artificial limb out of the blood sugar for people with diabetic type 2 when  they had an amputation of a body part. 

sweet solution nanouck van iersel

Wrapping of the sweet solution.

sweet solution nanouck van iersel

Wrapping of the sweet solution.

You’ll improve your life or someone else’s life.

sweet solution nanouck van iersel

Sweet device (filter/reservoir).

Sugar may not sound life threatening but it is. It is eight times more addictive than cocaine. We will have withdrawal symptoms if we don’t get the amount of sugar where we are addicted off . The withdrawal symptoms for example headache and mood swings. The dangerous amount of sugar will lead to more people with diabetic type 2. Sugar is a serious problem and we came up with a solution.

sweet solution nanouck van iersel

For many years we can measure the amount of sugar in our blood. Diabetics have this device and some people who have the knowledge hacked their Continuous Glucose Monitor witch measures the sugar level in their blood. If we can collect data of each minute we can see the differed levels. With this information we made a application that can filter the sugar out of our blood.

This application has a filter, a drain and a reservoir

will be located in the stomach because this is the first place in your body where the sugar comes in to the blood stream. The filter is

connected to your blood stream and measures your sugar level all the time . If your blood level is good the application will get to work and will prevent your blood level getting to high. All the sugar that runes to the filter will be drained into the reservoir. If your blood sugar is to low the filter will shut off to let the sugar pass true into your stomach. This will cause a stable blood level.

Will lead the filtered blood sugar in to the reservoir. There is a drain in different measures so you can choose where you want to carry the application.

The reservoir:
This is the place where all the filtered blood sugar will come together. When the reservoir is full you can deliver it at the Glucose bank. The reservoir has a sticky back so you can place it everywhere on your body.

sweet solution nanouck van iersel

Sweet samples.

The cyborg ,
The details look great. We can save valuable information on it.

The Flowerield ,
Gives you the romantic feeling of a long spring day.

The skeleton ,
The anatomy based on your bone structure. Will give you an extra personal dimension.

The original ,
clean and beautiful in his abstractness. It will fit every occasion.

The galaxy ,
It is sparkely and it will give you the glamorous look and feeling you allways wanted.

The party trick ,
It glow’s in the dark. So you will be in the spotlicht for the rest of the night.

sweet solution nanouck van iersel

Sweet material.

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