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Herbal pills E001 omslagfoto

Herbal pills E001.


Back where it all began.

2000 years ago Hippocrates said “let food be the medicine and the medicine be food” and I totally agree. We want to be healthy without putting too much effort into it. Instead of peeling an orange we  take vitamin pills and drink protein shakes to stay healthy. Pills aren’t only created to be healthier, but nowadays pills even exist to get healthy hair, more energy and to lose weight.

But why are we taking these pills?

Do we actually know what they are made of? or can we solve these problems with food?


Fortunately there still are natural products to replace the pills. If we’ll appreciate the force of nature again, we’ll become more aware of what we eat and finally we’ll become healthier then before. We need to celebrate to these forces of nature.


I want to show you the process of this awareness.

That we get power out of seeds, vegetables, fruits and all the other beautiful products that nature gives us.

So, let’s go back to where it all began.

broodje met kiemgroente
een slide show van het lookbook
zaden in natuurlijke gelei
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